Reviewed on Friday May 16

While Australian electronic music begins to get the recognition it deserves around the globe, it’s good to see a party crew presenting a solid lineup of left-field electronica that doesn’t settle for the four-on-the-floor EDM or trap bangers so ubiquitous at the moment. Presented by joint Sydney and Melbourne crews, it’s also nice to see some synergy between arguably the country’s two biggest cities but also its biggest music rivals.

Phondupe brought a strong musicality to the stage, with the one-man show including live keys and vocals. After warming up, he put on a very slick and diverse set of airy trip hop and electronica with strong danceability. He definitely set the standard for the night and is one to watch.

Twin Caverns offered more of a gothic edge via their downtempo electronica, with two live guitars adding a depth to the sound. Embassy brought a lot of confidence to the stage, looking far more seasoned than his years or stage experience would imply. Beneath the beats, there are some real songs here, bringing some dance to the alt-R&B vibes of the moment.

Friendships were the very talked-about headliner for the night and definitely relished the role. Playing inside a mosquito net and projecting onto and behind it with trippy visuals, there was a big Kawaii element to their mash of electronica with small splashes of DnB and rave. Watching them jump around was priceless, knowing they were having a good time without even needing the crowd’s approval. There’s a broad appeal in their balls-out quirky show, so we’ll be hearing from these guys again soon I’m sure.

Overall, this was an excellent showcase of what’s happening at the edge of the current wave, and there’s definitely more than one future star here. Let’s hope Paradisco becomes a regular night out.

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