To kick off the program this year, SafARI will be throwing an arty party filled with delicious drinks and live performances.

Since it launched in 2004 as an unofficial fringe event of the Biennale Of Sydney, SafARI has continued to connect audiences to grassroots art practices.

Curated by Liz Nowell and Christiane Keys-Stratham, SafARI is back to showcase the work of Australia’s brightest talents across various Artist-Run-Initiative (ARI) venues in Sydney from March 14 to April 4.

Opening tonight, SafARI starts with drinks at 6pm. From there, have a wander and see some of the exciting art from names you’ll be hearing about in the not too distant future like Benjamin Forster, Gemma Messih, Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, and more.

Come on and celebrate the grand opening of SafARI 2014 from 6-8pm tonight atDna Projects | Contemporary Art,Wellington St ProjectsandThe Corner Cooperative. Head to for full program and details.

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