Peppa Pig has been accused of brainwashing viewers after a scene shows the titular character chatting with a doctor about the vaccinations in a positive light.

The offending scene is a clip from the cartoon TV show, that’s been turned into a book. In the animated scene, Peppa Pig heads to the doctor, who conducts a physical exam and asks her if she likes vegetables. In the book version, Peppa also attends the doctor, but, instead, discusses vaccinations with her physician.

“Now it’s time for your vaccination, do you know why we have vaccinations Peppa?” The doctor asks Peppa Pig in the book.

Peppa answers, “Yes! They stop us from getting ill, and that helps people around us, too.”

The doctor replies: ‘That’s right. Sometimes vaccinations are given as a little spray in your nose and sometimes a tiny pinprick in your arm.”

The scene goes a little differently in the video, where the doctor asks, :Is Peppa up-to-date with her vaccinations?” before Mummy Pig replies: “Yes, she is.”

A voice-over then says: “A vaccination stops you getting ill.”

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The book adaption – which addresses the benefit of receiving a vaccine – has received dismal reviews, with readers accusing Peppa Pig of encouraging young people to receive COVID vaccines.

“This is so wrong. Let’s encourage our kids to take medical treatments still in clinical trial phases with no long term safety data, no studies into effects on fertility, when in the U.K. alone over 1600 people have died from the COVID shot,” one person wrote.

Another reviewer said: “Peppa ask the Doctor what are the ingredients in the vaccination? Or as you are too young, get your Mummy or Daddy Pig to ask.

“If the Dr can’t tell you, don’t get the vaccination. Especially the experimental on trial until 2023 ones.”

“Over one million adverse reactions (just look up government Yellow Card reporting system). These are a mere 1-10% of the actual figures.

“Our kids don’t need toxic injections, or face masks, it’s child abuse. Just stop, leave our kids alone.”

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