Perfect’s vocal range and skill is really impressive, although Yon, Scod and Gatesy more than hold their own, demonstrating their growth as artists over the years since they got around in coloured skivvies. A really great album put together by four men with terrific musicality.

Lovers of musical comedy across the country all got a little bit excited when Tripod announced they were banding with that nice young man Eddie Perfect to form Perfect Tripod. No-one seemed to know quite what the result would be, but hey, it sounded like a recipe for awesome. And it was.

With a series of live shows showcasing a series of beautifully arranged, harmony-driven Australian songs, these four all-stars of Australian comedy showed the true scope of their musical muscle.

The resultant album, Australian Songs, captures some of the magic they created through their live shows. Although a good deal of the comedy present in those shows is lost in the recording, what is left is 13 really beautiful interpretations of classic Australian songs such as Australian Crawl’s ‘Errol’,Men At Work’s ‘Overkill’, John Farnham’s ‘You’re The Voice’, and even Kasey Chambers’ ‘Not Pretty Enough’.

4/5 stars


Australian Songs is out now through Liberation Music

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