It’s time to bring an element of chicness to the dastardly period. Menstruation sucks, but it’s starting to suck a lot less.

After a decade of spending 7 days a month in a state of weird discomfort and grossness, I reached my final tether and decided it was time to reassess the way I approached dealing with having a period.

I am, naturally, a very anxious person. My number one fear on this planet is embarrassing myself. Periods —although steadily becoming less stigmatised— are, at their core, very embarrassing. No amount of cutesy, ~normalise having periods~ graphics on Instagram could possibly make me feel less inherently uncomfortable. It is uncomfortable. It’s normal, but a shitty kind of normal.

It sucks when your body is profusely spewing blood and you’re trying to enjoy a brunch with your friends. You can’t enjoy the Shakshuka you just committed $24 to because you’re so riddled with nerves knowing that after you finish your meal, you’re going to have to stand up. Standing up leaves you in a vulnerable position because whilst you were shoving your gorgeous Meditteranean baked eggs in your gob, there’s a chance your body decided to wage war against you and bleed all through your clothes.

I had one particularly scarring tampon incident that involved a music festival, many gorgeous women on pingas, a portaloo hand dryer, and a pair of damp flared jeans. After that, I swore I would never schlep it through another cycle again.

These past few years have truly been an age of innovation when it comes to menstrual products. I’m sure you’re all well versed in the menstrual cup, which, while admirable and environmentally-friendly, scares the bollocks out of me. Period underwear, however, has been a saving grace.

Modibodi Underwear

Personally, I’m not brave enough to just wear them commando, but combining the powers of period underwear with a tampon has truly saved me so much grief. Now the only thing that weighs on my mind when I eat my overpriced brunch is my perpetual state of financial precarity.

My personal favourite brand of period underwear is Modibodi. The brand has developed a range of underwear, specifically tailored to your flow requirements and also, your underwear shape of choice.

It’s a bold move making a change like this, but whilst we’re all working from home, there’s never been a better opportunity.

The brand also offers a vegan range, where you can cop anything from leggings and swimsuits, to 7-packs of bikini-style underwear equipped to cover both moderate and heavy flows.

You can win your own period underwear here.