Peter Alexander has released a range of PJ’s from Seinfeld, so you might as well relax while you fall asleep in front of the television. There’s a Friends set too.

For a show about nothing, it seems to be the cultural touchstone gift that keeps giving and giving. Dust off the thirsty pretzels and awake from whatever slumber you’re in, because if you’re going to bed, it shouldn’t be without hanging out with the fab four first.

Peter Alexander knows that PJ’s aren’t just about that old netball shirt you used to wear, or whatever family member gifted you their QANTAS business class sleepwear so you can pretend to be all about the high life.

They are a fashion opportunity, and perhaps could even pass for real clothes if you’re working from home and you could see the top half of the screen. Perhaps.

Just look at the range for yourself. We’ve got Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer, but those pretzels feature too.

For those meta fans that do not need it spelled out, there’s also every reference embedded into the PJ’s as well. Do I spot the “Puffy Shirt” and Kramer’s signature perfume scent, “The Ocean?”

As for fans or children that grew up watching the other seminal sitcom about 20/30 somethings in New York, there are some nice perks for you too. Central Perks.

Confession: I had to Google “Friends monkey” because I could not piece together that Marcel was Ross’s pet monkey from Season One. But I at least knew the guitar = Phoebe = “Smelly Cat” so that’s something.

That seems to be it now on the ’90s New York Sitcom front, but there’s also a Bluey range for the kids (or if you’re a fan of the show, no judgement), as well as Scrabble and Where the Wild Things Are.

I feel like they could have a released a Puffy Shirt PJ set, though. A missed opportunity if there ever was one, and also an indicator that I grew up watching Jerry more than I did Joey.

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Check out the ‘Friends: The Reunion’ Trailer:

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