Peter Helliar has revealed that he caught COVID-19 from one of his co-hosts on Channel Ten’s The Project

Speaking on KISS FM’s 3 pm Pick Up (via The Herald Sun), hosted by Monty Dimond and Kate Langbroek, Helliar revealed the latter gave him the virus after she appeared as a guest host on The Project.

“This stems back to what you talked about on The Project when you talked about how you had Covid … Now that is in fact our first coincidence really that I haven’t talked about before. Where did you possibly get your Covid from?” Dimond asked.

“I possibly caught it from Kate Langbroek,” Helliar replied.

Helliar went on to explain that he had been staying in his sister’s beach house to self-quarantine. While there, he read Langbroek’s memoir Ciao Bella! Six take Italy, about her move to Bologna, Italy in 2019.

“I finished your wonderful book, got out (of isolation) and walked down the street to find a cafe … The very first cafe I walked into, I was chatting to the lady who made my coffee,” he said, explaining that he had told the woman he’d just come out of quarantine.

He continued: “[She said] ‘My nephew just did isolation, he just got back from overseas’, and I said ‘Where was he?’ and she said ‘Italy’ and I said ‘Whereabouts?’ and she said ‘Bologna’.”

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Helliar eventually realised that the woman’s nephew was a friend of the Langbroeks called Marshall, who Kate had met in Bologna and written about in her book.

“It was the Marshall who I’d been reading about in your book!” said Helliar.

“What are the odds of that?” Langbroek replied.

“Of all those things. Of me having infected you, of you going to your sister’s house, of you going to the shop at the end of the street … of telling a stranger in a shop that you’ve just had COVID … she wasn’t alarmed at all?” she continued.

“I’m quite happy to let people know … We’re all going to get it eventually,” said Helliar.

Meanwhile, Langbroek recently made headlines after revealing on The Project that she is against mandatory vaccinations in workplaces.

“I’m not anti-vax, but I’m very uncomfortable prescribing mandatorily to people what they have to put in their bodies to work or participate in – I’m just not,” she said, before going on to suggest her hesitance may be caused by her upbringing as a Jehovah’s Witness.

“They had the concept of disfellowshipping, which I find so repugnant,” she said.

“I hate the thought that people will be disfellowshipped from their lives because they have hesitation or doubts about the vaccine.”

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