In some ways, it’s been an easier place without goth rockers Bauhaus around. We’ve saved money on eyeshadow. And on dark clothes. And we’ve allowed ourselves to listen to some more upbeat lyrics. But for many, there is still a Bauhaus shaped hole in their lives that they are not quite sure how to fill. Well, this might help.

Peter Murphy, the frontman of Bauhaus, will be coming to Australia with a full band to perform all of Bauhaus’ classics, in celebration of the band’s 35th year.

The Mr Moonlight Tour, as Murphy has called it, will have none of his solo material: it will be a pure Bauhaus experience, with only Bauhaus songs performed.

This is the first time since 2006 that Peter Murphy will perform full Bauhaus sets, and the first time ever that he will perform it without the rest of the original band.

Peter Murphy will be performing on Wednesday December 11 at the Manning Bar. Tickets go on sale on Monday October 28, noon.

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