PlayStation console owners rejoice, it seems that the PlayStation 5 is going to be crammed with some pretty genius new tech to assist your gaming needs. Better yet, no other console is doing what the PS5 plans to do.

The PlayStation 5 will be released about a year from now, likely in time for the 2020 holiday season. However we do not need to live amongst mystery any longer. Aside from launch and design details, we already know that the console will feature incredibly powerful internals in terms of processing and graphics, and also a super fast SSD that will drop loading times to mere seconds. On top of that, a brand new leak has just revealed that the PS5 could be working with features that absolutely nobody expected.

Documentation that Sony filed for a Voice Help System Using Artificial Intelligence patent reveals the company has been developing a virtual assistant that would be exclusive to Sony’s new gaming console. Tentatively called PlayStation Assist, this voice-enabled assistant would be able to help users as they play different games. What this means is that the assistant would be able to provide game-specific information during the game, from current game objectives to items that the player should procure, and even including pronunciation of certain enemies’ names.


Some images show how Horizon Zero Down players would get information about a specific sword directly from the console. Players can also request information about missions, locations, opponents, and puzzles, Dutch blog TechTastic explains. The assistant connects to Sony’s servers for information, and then returns the solution on the screen, the report notes.

More interestingly, the PlayStation Assist app would also work on mobile devices, delivering general information about a game — how long you’ve played it, or when you started it — as well as info about in-game content, like the quests available in a specific portion of a map.


As with any other patent, Sony’s documentation isn’t enough to confirm the feature will be introduced on the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Sony is researching the technology.

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