Trouble is brewing for PlayStation and Sony as they’re facing a lawsuit over alleged gender discrimination. 

As reported by Axios, the lawsuit was filed on Monday, November 22nd by Emma Majo. She claims that female and male staff members working at Sony Interactive Entertainment weren’t compensated equally, despite doing very similar jobs. Her lawsuit alleges that the company wilfully violated the U.S. Equal Pay Act.

Majo – who is a former IT security analyst – is demanding a jury trial on behalf of all female/female identifying employees who have worked at Sony Interactive Entertainment in the state of California over the last few years.

As per Majo’s lawsuit, she first joined Sony back in 2015 – by the time of 2021, she found that the company was dominated by male staff members. The lawsuit states that Majo had to send a request to a manger via a male intern, as a request sent through a higher-level female employee would be ignored.

She also alleges that higher-level staff would avoid discussions with her about the possibility of her getting a promotion. When she did ask for one, she was allegedly effectively demoted, as she was told to report to a staff member lower than a VP rather than an actual VP.

When Majo decided to file a gender bias complaint against Sony earlier this year, she was terminated by the company. The lawsuit alleges that the company said the reason for her termination was because they had to terminate a full department. Majo wasn’t a member of the department in question, however, making the grounds for termination false.

The lawsuit against PlayStation comes swiftly after the Activision Blizzard news: employees staged a walkout to protest about the company’s response to sexual misconduct allegations at the firm. It’s claimed that CEO Bobby Kotick knew about the sexual misconduct happening at Activision Blizzard for several years.

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