In an act of supreme justice, two suspected rhinoceros poachers have been scoffed down by lions while breaking into a South African game reserve, BBC reports.

Having broken into a lion enclosure on the Sibuya reserve carrying hunting weapons, the men were discovered by rangers having been mauled to death, to the point that they couldn’t tell if there were two or three bodies left behind.

“They strayed into a pride of lions – it’s a big pride so they didn’t have too much time,” The reserve’s owner Nick Fox said. “We’re not sure how many there were – there’s not much left of them.”

When the anti-poaching team arrived, they had to tranquilise the pack of lions before they could get near the remains, where they found a silenced hunting rifle and a large axe.

As BBC notes, nine of the endangered creatures have been killed in the area this year, with 7,000 having been killed in the country over the past decade.

Sadly, rhino horn is apparently under increasing demand in Asia for its supposed qualities as an aphrodisiac.

For now, let’s celebrate nature’s victory with the lion national anthem.

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