In one of the most feel good, tear jerking stories in the gaming world today, Pokémon has really done us all proud.

The story all starts with Bryson Kliemann, an eight-year-old boy from Lebanon, Virginia whose dog was diagnosed with Parvo, what is described as a very serious disease for dogs. After his puppy was diagnosed, Kliemann’s family was notified of the pricey bill that treatment would cost in order to care the puppy, as reported by CBR.

Knowing that his family would struggle or not be able to afford this, Kliemann decided to take to the side of the road and to begin selling off his card collection.

Not long after, Kliemann’s mother Kimberly Woodruff created a GoFundMe, where she shared the story of her son and their puppy, Bruce. She wrote, “I know I have been raising him right. With a heart of gold because hes so worried about our bruce he is beside the road trying to sell his favorite thing in the world just to make his puppy better.”

Through the GoFundMe and the selling of the cards, they were able to raise $5000, which exceeded their goal by $800.

After the news had spread, it had been brought to the attention of The Pokémon Company themselves. What did they do? Employees from Bellevue, Washington decided to send Kliemann a brand new set of cards to replace the ones he had previously owned and sold. They wrote, “Hey Bryson, we were so inspired by your story about selling your cards for your dog’s recovery, these are some cards to help you replace the ones you had to sell.”

The excess raised from the GoFundMe page is now reportedly being donated towards helping other local families seeing their pets through medical expenses.

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