Potato scallops/cakes are officially coming to Maccas and fans of the food item are already debating over what it’s called.

Maccas is reportedly bringing potato scallops/cakes to their food menu and while many responses online seem excited, along with them, comes a discourse over the name of what this food item ought to be called. It’s a classic case of regional vernacular clashing, some people call them scallops and some call them cakes, and so on.

The food itself doesn’t have an inherited name, it has a name that humans gave it as an identifier. What that identifying name is to you, is going to come down to what region you are from almost every time. Regardless, people tend to engage in these types of battles over who is right or wrong in regard to naming and pronunciation conventions, and Facebook is the perfect battleground as evidenced by the post illustrated below.

@foodiemummaren reported the news before the comment section took off.

“Mind Blown 🤯

I hope this is true! This on a Big Mac would be amazing! Coming to stores from the 11th or so 🙂

Thanks A for letting me know. I’m hearing these could be 2 for $4???

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PS: Enough with the different names, Potato Scallop is what we call this in Qld and obviously NSW does too as this is where this product will also be sold.

Victorian fans – clearly you call these potato cakes as another company has just released mini ones at Coles.”

Immediately, a commenter called for the naming convention to exclude potato scallops.

“Better not call it a potato scallop in Vic. No one will know what they’re talking about.”

Another leaned the opposite direction, stating they are definitely potato scallops because of the way they are made.

“They are potato scallops! Anyone that knows anything about basic cooking and the names of a specific cut knows that this is where ‘scalloped potatoes’ aka potato bake got its name, from the way the potatoes are sliced or scalloped 🤣

As long as their chicken salt is actually a tasty one that’s similar to the original recipe made by the poultry farmer in South Aus that invented it (not like some of these horrible versions floating around!) we’ll be all good! 👍😁

One person’s son reportedly works at Macca’s and confirmed once more that they would be coming.

“It’s true ! My son works at Macca’s and he told me a couple of weeks these were coming…. We are in SA and they are known as potato cakes 🤣 I’m originally from NSW they’ll always be scollops to me”

This person is just trying to be a level 4 pot stirrer.

“Hope you get the name right. They’re Potato cakes not scallops.

And arguments starting in 3….2…..1…..”

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