Australians have experienced a variety of food shortages over the last year and now, due to a variety of conditions, hot chips may be next.

Unfortunately, another food shortage is on the way for Aussies in the midst of a year full of shortages, such as the cabbage switchout from earlier this year.

The country’s potato industry is reported to be in crisis due to severe wet weather threatening crops, which is set to eventually affect the hot chip supply in the coming months.

While other crop shortages have been mitigated by alternatives, potatoes won’t be quite as easy to replace when it comes to hot chips.

Vice president of the Victorian Farmers’ Federation, Kathryn Myers, told the Today Show the potato shortage is a “wait and see” situation.

“The challenge is the ongoing wet weather. This is the kind of year where we’ve seen really significant and heavy rainfall in every single potato-growing region,” Myers said.

Myers continued, saying that many Victorian regions as well as Tasmania have been hit the hardest. She also said that Queensland and NSW were hit with significant crop damage.

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“I’m expecting it will be fairly significant,” she said.

Kathryn continued to say that many farms were lacking long enough periods of breaks from wet weather to allow the ground to dry, which would allow them to put their crops in.

Meteorologists have reported “significant” weather systems every two weeks up to the holiday season.

“There‘s going to be a lot of watching and waiting and just opportunistic planting whenever we get the chance,” Myers said.

Woolsworth Group CEO, Brad Banducci, said in a letter to customers that shortages will be likely for holiday favorites.

“As the La Niña rains continue on the eastern seaboard, we may see a delayed start to the season for some fresh fruit and vegetables, including cherries and stone fruits,” Mr Banducci wrote.

“The poor weather, especially in Tasmania, has also impacted supply of frozen vegetables (such as corn and potatoes) and potato crisps. In good news, mango season is upon us with more supply on the way.”

“We’re working hard to make sure we have enough stock of everything, but please bear with us if you’re currently seeing some gaps.”

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