So you can capture the best of summer, Pretzel is going to be giving away free disposable cameras when you order one of their scrumptious pretzels.

Although it’s been a bit colder than usual, summer is definitely revving up, and since we’ve largely got the pandemic under control here in Australia, that means that we’re down for all the activities that the warmer months have to offer – and what better way to get into the summer mood than dipping into Pretzel for a salty or sweet snack?

Well, on top of visiting just to satisfy your cravings, Pretzel is sweetening the deal by offering free – yes, free! – disposable cameras with each twisty bite you purchase, so you can capture all the good memories of summer.

Whether you fancy a peanut butter and Oreo, cheese & garlic, their new coconut rough, or want a little spice with their jalapeño-topped chipotle and cheese pretzel, you’ll be in on the deal to snap up one of these disposable cameras no matter what you order.

Worried about finding a place to develop all of your summer memories, as digital has largely taken over film? Don’t worry, because Pretzel has you covered there, too. Just swing back by one of their shops, drop off your camera, and they’ll develop and email you the scans of your photographs so you can easily share them alongside their instagram-able delights.

Keen to get in on the action? Starting on Monday, February 1st, you can swing by any of Pretzel’s locations to get in on the free camera deal, while also satisfying your tastebuds with their tasty treats. May we suggest their cinnamon glazed pretzel that’s covered in cinnamon-y, sugar goodness and covered with vanilla cream cheese icing?

Check out Pretzel:

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