Remember that one time a shoeless dreadlocked man stormed off chanting “the world is fucked” after you said you didn’t have a cigarette and/or pet hamster?

Primitive Calculators seem to share the same ideal, their first-ever studio album The World Is Fucked wreaking sonic havoc with nine one-word songs including ‘No’, ‘God’ and ‘C**t’. Forming in 1978, the exuberantly narcissistic Melburnians appeared in the classic flick Dogs In Space, and reunited in 2009 to recharge their brand of synth-punk. Their new album has been dubbed “a floating miasma filled with all the bile most people never let emerge from their subconscious,” and you can dive right in on Saturday January 18 when they launch it at The Red Rattler. Hm. Should you have given that guy a ciggie? Probably.

Head to Moshtix for tickets. Support from Ghastly Spats and Litter.

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