A millionaire property developer harassed his influencer ex, sending her hundreds of threatening messages and kidnapping her puppy.

Wealthy property developer, Bashar Ayoub (45), recently went on a spree of terrorizing his influencer ex, Hannah Rasekh. At one point he even posed as her dog walker to sneak into her house while she was away and kidnapped her dog for a short while.

Ayoub bombarded Rasekh’s phone with hundreds of messages, both texts and emails, in the wake of their recently ended relationship.

The couple met in Dubai back in 2017, Rasekh claims that during their relationship, Bashar Ayoub was both, “emotionally and psychologically abusive towards her.” According to The Scottish Sun, the couple split at the beginning of this year.

On two days in January alone, he sent 35 emails calling her a “b**ch” and warned: “Your brother’s next.”

Ayoub later showed up at Rasekh’s house in South Kensington, West London, in July, where he would go on to kidnap her dog for a short time. Rasekh was away at the time and in her stead, her parents were watching the house for her.

While the self-described, “stylist and digital influencer,” Hannah Rasekh, was away, Ayoub showed up and told her parents that he was a friend of Hannah’s who was merely there to walk her dog. He ended up leaving with the pup and didn’t bring them back for some time.

Weeks later, Ayoub returned to Rasekh’s property, sending her a photo of her car, which he used as “proof” that she was “lying” about being away on holiday. After this happened Rasekh’s dad called the police and warned him to stay away.

In response, Bashar Ayoub sent Rasekh a litany of abusive messages and attempted to call her 64 times.

In one text, he told Ms Rasekh: “Die you thief you thieving whe (sic) I pray you die I pray every day you die you whe.”

In another he wrote: “I’ll rip you apart, all of you, your whole family you c***s.”

Ayoub, who lives in a £2 million apartment in Belgravia, admitted to one count of stalking with fear of harm or violence at Westminster magistrates’ court.

He must now wear a GPS tag to ensure that he doesn’t go near Rasekh.

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