After more than a year of minimal PS5 stock, we update your potential options for these consoles in Australia this Christmas.

Ever since the brilliant PS5 came out in November last year, it’s almost become easier to spot a flying pig than one of the technological buggers on a store shelf.

But with Christmas just around the corner, demand for the PS5 is going to be higher than ever, so here are the latest updates from some of the major places that sell the PS5.

EB Games – Started taking pre-orders from November 9

In one of the stranger PS5 developments, on November 9 EB Games took to their socials to announce pre-orders had opened up. The only caveat was that this had to be done in-store and could not be done online.

Seeing as this was about two weeks ago it’s unclear as to whether or not any stores are still taking orders, but it’s worth a shot politely calling your local and sussing out the situation.

JB Hi-Fi – Nada (as of Thursday, November 25)

Despite starting an online expression of interest form about a month ago, the major retailer has been incredibly quiet since then. There’s a chance they could do a surprise drop in time for the holidays, but it’s looking unlikely.

Big W/Harvey Norman/Target – Nada (as of Thursday, November 25)

The last major update on this front was back in July when Big W expected a major shipment and then got hit with hackers. The stock eventually did become available but it’s been silent since then. Like JB, all three stores have potential but look unlikely.

Amazon Australia/Sony Store – Had stock on November 25th!

Amazon Australia is the biggest wildcard for PS5 stock, and may be your best bet in the lead up to Christmas. As a part of the company’s Black Friday festivities, it did drop a handful of units to unsuspecting customers, but naturally it was snapped up moments later. There’s no real rhyme or reason as to when these drops occur, unfortunately, but we’re betting there will be another PS5 drop before Christmas.

Best keep an eye out on both the regular PS5 and Digital Edition order links and hope you get lucky.

The Gamesmen – Nada (as of Thursday, November 25)

Nothing available at the time of writing, however the company does post all updates on its social media accounts. You can bookmark them all here.

The Good Guys – Last took pre-orders at the start of November

Another complete wildcard, The Good Guys have both scored unexpected stock and cancelled some orders in the same breath. So how reliable they’ll be for a Christmas PS5 is anybody’s guess. That said, the last update was at the start of November, where a post on Twitter made the rounds, announcing stores would be nabbing a number of units for pre-orders.

We haven’t heard what the status is since then, and have to assume they’re long gone. Still, might be worth a shot calling your local store and asking around just in case.

If you are hunting a PS5 this Christmas, good luck and happy hunting.

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