Natalie Eva Marie – US fitness model and of WWE fame – has come for QANTAS, accusing the airline of gender discrimination after being refused entry to the QANTAS Club.

Despite being a business class customer, Eva Marie alleges that she was denied entry to the business lounge because she was wearing activewear. Dressed in an orange two piece set with matching trainer shoes, Eva Marie was travelling from Melbourne Airport when the incident occurred.

According to QANTAS dress code rules, passengers in this sort of outfit are not permitted entry, though Eva Marie took the airline to task over their enforcement of the rule.

Sharing an image of her husband (dressed in shorts and a t-shirt), who was allowed into the lounge, Eva Marie questioned QANTAS’ codes.

“I support a business’ right to enforce equitable dress code standards. However, my husband was allowed in no problem wearing this. While I was kicked out wearing this. My issue is that standards should be equitably enforced @Qantas.”

QANTAS maintains a ‘smart casual’ dress code for all its QANTAS Club lounges, though stipulates that they reserve the right to decline entry if clothing is deemed ‘too casual’ or ‘inappropriate’.

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Their list of unsuitable clothing includes ‘head to toe gym wear’, alongside beachwear, torn clothing and sleepwear (including ugg boots and slippers).

Fans have sat on both sides of the fence with this one, with many agreeing with Eva Marie, while others admitted that her husband’s outfit didn’t strictly break QANTAS’ rules.

“I wear shorts & t-shirt into the lounge all the time but you can guarantee I would be denied entry into the lounge if I wore my gym clothes.” one Twitter user replied.

“He is wearing shorts & t-shirt which can be used in the Gym & as casual wear. You admitted wearing activewear which is against the rules.”

Eva Marie was in Australia for the launch of fitness app PUSHH.

QANTAS have not commented publicly as yet.

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