Today on the stage of adulting: Cooking! How much of a culinary home-cook are you?

Invented when cave people started the first fire, the long tradition of feeding ourselves with yummy goodies is one of necessity and joy. Whether you love it because it reminds you of family or you just love the taste, food and cooking come hand in hand in everyday life.

The world of cooking in Australia is a very multicultural amalgamation of spices, styles, and ingredients. Lucky as we are, we have the opportunities not only to learn that fantastic secret pasta recipe your aunt makes, but also to be dined out with friends who know where the real best dumplings are in the CBD.

Unfortunately, you can’t always go out or order in food, sometimes the bank won’t let you. You’ve got to turn to your trusty kitchen and make something up yourself. There’re no excuses here; time to cook or go hungry. It’s a sad moment when in that state of pure dissatisfaction with the contents of the fridge.

During lockdown, people turned to food to create new levels of home cooking and satisfying that need for freshly baked bread for brunches in the morning. From banana bread to sourdough, to that whipped latte thing, the internet has graced the world with food prowess.

So, do you find yourself struggling to come up with meal ideas, or do you plan your dinners a week ahead? Are you an outright tastebud genius or do you prefer to go with safe and good meals? Home-cooking doesn’t have to be perfect, or even good, you just have to be happy to eat it at the end of the night and you’re successful.

We have great food and great coffee in Australia, but do we have great home cooks? This test is sure to separate the great from the good!

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How much of a culinary home-cook are you?

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