McDonald’s is the largest fast-food chain in the world, with over 37,000 outlets spanning across 120 countries. How much do you know about Macca’s?

You know their burgers, their fries, and you’re of course familiarised with their chicken nuggets, but do you know about McDonald’s humble beginnings and how they continue their legacy today?

Although McDonald’s began around the year 1940 in San Bernardino, California, their iconic Golden Arches didn’t show up until nearly 15 years later.

With the speedy service, convenience of take-away, and delicious menu offerings, the popularity of McDonald’s burgers quickly transpired with the 1970’s sporting over 1500 outlet retailers.

Now, consumers can find a McDonald’s almost anywhere they travel to. From Hong Kong, U.K., here on our own soil, or back in the states where the brand was birthed, the tasty burgers are nearly always available.

Over the years, Macca’s has turned themselves into one of the most recognisable symbols and fast-food chains around. They are innovative with their menu items and are smart enough to continue to improve their menu with new flavours, like their McVeggie burger.

Alongside near-constant promotions like their annual rendition of Monopoly, it’s always tempting to grab a cheeky side of fries or a soft-serve cone (well, if their ice cream machine isn’t ‘broken’), especially if there’s a chance of winning additional grub.

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On top of being an iconic brand, McDonald’s has had some crazy happenings over the years. Currently, they’re selling candles so that your house can smell like a Big Mac, and although they usually stick a toy in their Happy Meals, they’ve had to fire an employee for popping his mixtapes inside, as well.

With Macca’s being one of the most recognised and legendary fast-food brands out there, you should be able to navigate this quiz easily. Then, as a reward, you can pop out and grab yourself a McFlurry.

How many crazy facts do you know about McDonald’s?

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