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Maccas are now selling candles and yes, my house now smells like Beef

McDonald's candles are officially here and the walls of my home cannot wait to give off delectable wafts of Onion and Ketchup.

Maccas Candles
When looking through their menu and deciding what it was they needed to add to spice things up, which genius intern came up with the idea of McDonald’s candles, and how can I thank them for dramatically improving my romantic life? 
The absolute legends over at Maccas are, in fact, releasing a limited edition line of candles to make your house smell like something that isn’t lavender and citrus for once. Get with the times homeowners, it’s time to say goodbye to Misty Mountain Midday Morning, and say hello to the thick, effervescent scent of Quarter Pounder wafting through your lovely abode.

On the official Golden Arches Unlimited website, the company asks, “Do you have a burning love for the Quarter Pounder?” And of course, the answer is always going to be yes, and thus I now have the urge to make the very walls of my household give off the smell of Ketchup. How could anyone resist me then?

Featuring six separate scents that are designed to be burned together for “maximum deliciousness,” the candles come in “100% Fresh Beef”, “Ketchup”, “Onion”, “Pickle”, “Cheese” and “Sesame Seed Bun” scents. When burned together, that’s an entire Quarter Pounder right in your house. Now that is a smell that you cannot resist. I just want to know what the Sesame Seed Bun candle smells like. Fresh bread? Yes please.

The soy wax McDonald’s candles are scented with essential oils and feature a cotton wick for a burn time of approximately 25 hours, according to the Golden Arches Unlimited website.

The candle set is part of the Quarter Pounder Fan Club merchandise collection that will be rolled out over the coming weeks. So far, it looks like it’s exclusive to US fans, but if it’s successful, we could potentially get our Aussie hands on this glorious collection.

Thank God we can stop talking about Erykah Badu and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vagina scents now. (Which yes, are entirely separate items that they did not collaborate on, because we needed a variety of vagina scents now didn’t we.)


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