Burgers, chips, fried chicken, ice cream, biscuits, lollies, and more – tell us how much sinfully delicious junk food you indulge in.

Junk food has become an integral part of many Australian’s diets. It seems you can’t turn a corner without some mouth-watering treat tempting your palate.

Even though many Aussies are trying to steer clear of junk food and eat a healthy, plant-based diet, there are still temptations at every avenue. Between Hungry Jacks, Krispy Kreme, Ben & Jerry’s, Pizza Hut, and a slew of others, the treats are too enticing to pass up.

As much as I try to eat healthy, the little junk food devil sits on my shoulder whispering all sorts of things. “You know you want to order a pizza tonight instead of cooking dinner,” he says.

More often than not, the little bastard is correct. I would completely prefer to get my hands some of Domino’s vegan pepperoni pizza instead of cooking the perfectly healthy lentil curry that I was planning to prepare.

After I give in, the little devil whispers again, “now you should pop down to the shops and get some vegan ice creams?” and you better bet that I’ll happily skip my way down to Woolies to pick some up.

Although many of us do try to make sure we only consume unhealthy grub as an occasional treat, that smooth-talking junk food devil usually knows just what to say to get us chowing down on more.

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So, what about you? Is fast food a big part of your diet or do you only occasionally give into its cravings? Or, are you one of the hot shots who has the self-control of an ant? Take our quiz and tell us.

How much junk food do you eat?