Although we might not share with our mates that we’ve watched certain guilty pleasure cult movies, we’d probably be lying as we’ve watched them at least half a dozen times. With that being said, can you remember which quotes came from what movie?

Do you ever watch a movie that is so good, but you just can’t share that info with your friends? Maybe it’s a bit embarrassing or perhaps it’s something so outside of your usual genre?

One factor in these guilty pleasure films is that perhaps we’re a bit too old to find the movie funny or relevant. Teen movies seem to be one of the biggest sectors of guilty pleasure movies.

From 1986’s Pretty In Pink to 2004’s Mean Girls, each movie seems to depict a conflict going on with the main character. The leading role might not fit in with the rest of the crowd, or they’re trying to find love while balancing their social life. Either way, their ability to be rewatched over and over is high.

One thing that shines with these guilty pleasure movies is their quotability. Surely we’re not the only ones who have said, “stop trying to make fetch happen…it’s not going to happen” or “Hi. I’m Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods. We’re both Gemini vegetarians.”

Fancy yourself more the expert of ’80s cult movies? Maybe you’ll recognise where “you’re a snob and a half” comes from, or perhaps “honey, you’d do just fine if you just used your head a little more.”

Whether you’ve seen them multiple times from the comfort of your own bed, or have revelled in the fact that you enjoy these guilty pleasure cult movies, we bet you can figure out what movie each quote is from, easily.

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The quotes challenge – guilty pleasure cult movies:

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