We all wish we could just be rid of our responsibilities: too much cleaning to do, too much work, too much cooking…do you ever wish you were a popsicle, instead?

Popsicles are so delicious. They serve as the perfect late summer treat. Whether you think a Zooper Dooper is far more superior, or perhaps you fancy a tangy Icy Pole, popsicles are there to cool you down and put some tasty flavours in your mouth.

But, instead of eating one, have you ever considered being a popsicle? What aspects of your personality would determine your flavour? How does your diet come into play? And, what colour popsicle would you be?

Perhaps you’d be a funny cartoon shape with a bubblegum nose if your personality sees you as the class clown. Maybe you’d be a be a Splice, seen as one version on the outside, but entirely different on the inside. You could even be a firecracker – made up of three different flavours and colours.

Whichever flavour you’d rather be, we can mostly agree that being a popsicle would be pretty chill. You could be someone’s favourite, cool them off on a hot summer’s day, and most importantly not have any worries (well, except for being potentially eaten or melting).

But, the worries of melting are far less stressful compared to the work piling up on your desk, or the endless emails you’ve been receiving. Maybe you’d get to live inside of a supermarket freezer for a bit, then get taken to the beach by whoever purchases you. Or, maybe you’re specially made at home, with organic ingredients and chock-full of fruit?

The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to what kind of popsicle you can be. Take our quiz to see what frozen delight you can be.

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What type of popsicle are you?