Get ready to have a frozen Zooper Dooper that’s ready to go at the touch of a button, as a vending machine of them has popped up in Sydney.

According to a since-deleted tweet by Sydney-sider Naseem Hemmati, a Zooper Dooper vending machine has popped up in Castle Hill metro station. Listed for only a dollar, and with either option of card or cash, it’s no wonder that there’s probably a line around the block for them already.

Even though it’s cost is a 500% markup from buying them in a super-pack at the shops, this hasn’t fazed Zooper Dooper fans. “It was super exciting, it’s genius. I love that it has the card payment option too,” Hemmati told 10 Daily.

Zooper Dooper Logo

Although this vending machine just popped up, it may not last long. “It seems to be new, I only saw it for the first time last night,” mentioned Hemmati.

In a statement to 10 Daily, Zooper Dooper’s manufacture, Lion, do not approve of the individual selling of their iconic frozen treats.

“We are very proud of our iconic Zooper Doopers manufactured at our Smithfield site in Sydney, but we do not sell them as a single unit as they do not have all the mandatory food labelling requirements,” stated a spokesperson.

“Whilst we love the passion, we are not behind this particular activation,” they continued. Additionally, there was no comment on the current course of action being taken by manufacturers.

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The vending machine is located at Castle Hill metro station in Sydney, and is selling the frozen delights for $1.