At first, Raindrop seem to be simply pedalling a slightly bizarre and not that likeable psychedelic take on ’60s garage. However, on their new EP the band’s fun-loving and playful attitude grow on you and after a few listens, you allow yourself to relax and be suckered in to their dreamy, woozy world. And it’s just great.

‘I See You’ opens the EP and goes on a wonderful seven-minute psych-pop adventure. The funky bassline grooves away in the background as guitars jangle and vocals rasp over the top, and the track plays out with a long instrumental section, leaving you dizzy. ‘Killing Me’ scoops you up and plonks you back on your feet with its upbeat tempo and a fun surprise when the talkbox pops up.

‘Reality’ is gorgeously mellow and the whispery vocals patter happily over twangy, surfy guitar reverb. Sit back and say hello to summer. ‘It Goes Off’ finishes the EP with a down-tempo but more rocking style. Perhaps not the strongest cut on the EP, the distortion techniques on the guitar and the gentle teasing of the falsetto vocals are still very enjoyable. A real chilled out groove – listen out for the bassline.

It’s good to hear an EP with so much body, and artists who allow themselves to let their music play out without the constraints of the four-minute pop song template. Give it a bit of your time and this EP is a real good listen. Perfect for long car journeys and a great example of experimental psych-pop with a rocky edge.

3.5/5 stars


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