I usually order Macca’s or takeaway pizza on UberEats but, in the time of COVID-19, I could seemingly also grab a rapid antigen test while I’m at it. 

Doing so would set me back an exorbitant amount though. One burger joint in South Australia has been spotted charging a ridiculous $50 for rapid antigen tests on UberEats.

With people desperately trying to locate just one RAT, and the COVID figures continuing to rise, their pricey decision was met with intense criticism.

The Big Grill is charging $50 for two rapid antigen tests alongside more traditional offerings like egg and bacon breakfast rolls. After people called them out for doing so, they attempted to explain their side of the story.

“There has been much confusion in regards to the pricing of our COVID RAPID ANTIGEN TESTS. These are priced in accordance to the current market prices,” they insisted on Facebook (see below). ‘We sell a 2 pack of Rapid Antigen Tests for $40 in store and we sell a 2 Pack of Rapid Antigen Tests for $50 through our delivery partners, the price increase is due to their exorbitant fees.

We are aware of multiple posts being shared with misinformation and in regards to our pricing and requesting people leave poor reviews on our social media and google. We would like to apologise for the confusion caused and hope this resolves any issues and concerns.”

The commenters sounded off anyway. “Just stick to burgers,” said someone. “Rip off merchants,” claimed another. “You should NOT be selling these tests full stop. No one should be capitalising on a pandemic,” was a popular comment.

So avoid South Australian burger joints online if you’re searching for rapid antigen tests. Here’s hoping that PM Scott Morrison decides to finally make them more widely available. In the meantime, here’s a very handy website that helps you locate local places that have rapid antigen tests still in stock.

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