The new limited-edition Kanagawa Wave Apparel collection from Razer aims to raise awareness on marine plastics in our ocean.

Video games and fashion don’t always go hand in hand, we know. But Razer is looking to buck that trend with its new Kanagawa Wave Apparel collection.

The company, known more for their headphones, mice and gaming keyboards is instead producing a limited-edition clothing line-up that is made from fabric comprised entirely of marine plastics recovered from beaches. It’s all in a noble attempt to bring attention to the 11 million tonnes of plastic waste that enter our oceans each year.

The full line includes the following:

  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Zip Hoodie: $229.95 AUD
  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Tee: $139.95 AUD
  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Tank Top: $89.95 AUD
  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Shorts: $119.95 AUD
  • Razer Kanagawa Wave Cap: $79.95 AUD

Each item will feature a stylised take on the Great Wave off Kanagawa – a famous woodcarving by Japanese artist Hokusai.

We’ve actually been able to see the clothing line for ourselves, and each one is pretty darn impressive. The fabric is surprisingly durable and the clothes themselves have a look and feel similar to active wear. What we’re trying to say is – the price tag mighty be a bit hefty, but it’s money well spent.

Just like our love for gaming, going green has always been a passion of ours, and this commitment towards sustainability runs through all our products, our people, and most gratefully – our awesome fans,” writes CEO of Razer Min-Liang Tan on a note included with the apparel.

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Learn more about the Great Wave off Kanagawa below:

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“… Fashion trends may come and go, but sustainability never goes out of style. It’s out responsibility to protect our oceans, and together we can turn the tide.”

If you want to score any of these items for yourself, you’re going to have to prepare for some serious clicking, as there are only 1,337 units of each item. Plus, as an added bonus, for every piece of Kanagawa apparel sold during the drop, Razer is promising to fund the recovery of 1 kilo of marine plastic.

Razer will make the Kanagawa line available for purchase via their store on Thursday April 8 at 12PM AEST.

It’s a fantastic initiative that we can get behind, if only to help raise awareness of the threat facing our oceans.

You can read more about this topic over at the Gaming Observer and the Fashion & Beauty Observer.