The First Record I Bought:

The first piece of music that I bought was Prodigy’s The Fat of the Land. Now that I look back at it, I was only 13-years-old when I bought that. I was exposed to their music at the time through MTV as well as radio in Israel, and I was amazed by the energy of this music and the colours in it! It was on repeat for me for so long and it still sounds amazing today.

2. The Last Record I Bought:

The latest track that I’ve bought is a digital download and it’s a track by techno producer Dosem, which is called ‘A Modern Ritual’. I love this track a lot and there’s a very sexy groove in it, and when the main melody comes in it really changes the vibe of the track – I think it’s one of the most beautiful tracks that I’ve heard recently.

3. The First Thing I Recorded:

I remember the first thing I made was at the age of 13. I got the software from a friend and started making noise in my room. I really was so innocent back then and I can remember thinking, ‘Ah, this is how they do it’. It’s very exciting the first sound that comes out! When you don’t know much it always looks so easy to create music, but the more you get involved you discover how hard it really is. For me, that was a very exciting challenge.

4. The Last Thing I Recorded:

The last thing I recorded was my Balance compilation. The idea behind the compilation for me was to put together a series of remixes and edits that I’ve been working on recently. It was done with the support of artists like Henry Saiz, WOW, Juan Deminicis, Navar, Guy Mantzur and more. It’s my first compilation mix and I couldn’t be more pleased that it’s with Balance.

5. The Record That Changed My Life:

James Holden ‘Horizon’. This track is like magic and it’s an all time favourite of mine. I think that a good track is a piece of music that still sounds fresh ten years after it’s been made. It can take you back to that exact moment when you heard it for the first time, bringing back memories of how you felt hearing it, what your day was like, etc. ‘Horizon’ does this to me every time I hear it – a true inspiration.

Guy J plays Chinese Laundry on Saturday July 20.

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