1. The First Record I Bought

I bought Moby – Play and A Perfect Circle – Mer De Noms. I was in year eight and had a bunch of music already but never the cash to actually buy anything. So I finally bought a nice CD player and those CDs with it at the same time.

2.The Last Record I Bought

The last record I got was Danny Brown – Old. Great, newish rapper who talks about taking a dickload of Molly occasionally. I usually go through hip hop phases but I haven’t for a long time so it’s nice to get back into it.

3.The First Thing I Recorded

I had a cassette tape deck that had a mic on it. I’d just record songs I’d write on guitar in my room after school. I haven’t heard those recordings in years and I really hope I don’t hear them ever again… although I don’t know what happened to those tapes so I’m a little worried.

4.The Last Thing I Recorded

We just released our second record, called Black Rat, which we recorded with the legend that is Burke Reid. It was recorded out near Gosford at The Grove Studios, owned by Scott Horscroft, over two weeks and an extra ten days of pre-production party time.

5.The Record That Changed My Life

It’s not so much a record but more just Neil Young’s entire catalogue, including the Crazy Horse works. I had put off listening to him for so long for some reason – I feel like when you get into such a prolific artist like Young or Bob Dylan you need to give them a full week and listen to everything at least twice to let it sink in. I did that with Neil when we had some time off the road and he was one of the most rewarding musicians I’ve ever gotten into. He just inspired me to get back into writing guitar music, because after being in two rock bands the last thing you really want to write outside of that is guitar music… until I heard Neil, that is.

Black Rat out now through I OH YOU. Catch DZ Death Rays ar Oxford Art Factory on Saturday May 31, tickets available through Mostix.

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