1.The First Record I Bought

l started playing the cello when l was five and took up the guitar when l was 14. At the time l was into punk and the first album l bought was Dookie by Green Day. That record changed my life – with songs like ‘Basket Case’, ‘She’ and ‘When I Come Around’ it was all l needed to start rocking!

2.The Last Record I Bought

The last album I bought was New York by Lou Reed. ln my eyes this record holds Lou’s best work. The writing and music is so real and direct, it flows straight off the New York subway and into my ears. An underrated masterpiece and l love it.

3.The First Thing I Recorded

The song ‘Sunday Morning’ is featured on my debut album; as far as l recall this was the first time l cut a song in a pro recording studio. l was 18 and l recorded it with my band at the time, Tequila Sunrise.

4.The Last Thing I Recorded

My latest recording would be my new album Free & Easy. All the songs on the album were written in Centennial Park. l went to Melbourne for Christmas and ended up staying and recording the album. It was a one-man production so l played and sang everything on it. lt has been received very well and l am very proud of it!

5.The Record That Changed My Life

l started listening to Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan when l was 20, while staying at a friend’s place in San Francisco. Many years have passed and many songs have flowed under and over the bridge, but it will always hold a dear place in my heart.

[Simon Shaw photo by Israel Joshua]

Simon Shaw’s Free & Easy is out now independently and available here.

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