It was recently revealed to fans of cult cartoon show Rick and Morty that – spoiler alert – the entire purpose of Rick’s character arc was to bring back McDonald’s’ limited edition Szechuan sauce, which was briefly introduced as an accompaniment for its nuggets way back when Disney’s Mulan was released in 1998 – because of course.

The season three premiere was packed full of references to the stuff and, following plenty of noise from fans, Macca’s took the shrewd promotional step of bringing the sauce back. Unfortunately, they only made three jugs of the stuff, and now one of those jugs has prompted an eBay bidding war with Deadmau5 of all people.

As NME reports, the super-producer and DJ has been drawn into a ridiculous contest for a bottle of the sauce, which at the time of writing has topped $10,000, with Deadmau5 apparently one of the bidders.

Deadmau5' tweets about Szechuan sauce

While the item shown here claims to be legit and comes in the same case as the one delivered to Rick and Morty’s creators, the bottle itself doesn’t feature the customised warning label they received, which makes reference to the show directly.

Instead, it seems to be, well, just a bottle of (very rare) sauce in a camera case. But 10% of the proceeds are going to gaming-related charities Extra Life and AbleGamers, so happy bidding, everyone!

McDonald's Szechuan sauce auction