Aussie jewel Rose Byrne is set to play the part of NZ prime minister Jacinda Ardern in a movie about the 2019 Christchurch terror attacks.

The movie, titled They Are Us, will focus on Ardern’s response to the devastating attack and the title is a phrase Arden used following the shootings which killed 51 people and injured 49 more.

Following the attack, Ardern rallied the country together with a compassionate message on unity and spearheaded the ban of assault rifles as a result.

The movie will take a positive look at Ardern’s handling of the attack and is being billed as an “inspirational story about the young leader’s response to the tragic events”.

Regardless of the positive reception Ardern is expected to receive, she has distanced herself from the movie, with her spokesman saying “the prime minister and the government have no involvement in the film”.

They Are Us is not so much about the attack but the response to the attack. How an unprecedented act of hate was overcome by an outpouring of love and support,” shared Andrew Niccol, one of the movie’s producers.

“The film addresses our common humanity, which is why I think it will speak to people around the world. It is an example of how we should respond when there’s an attack on our fellow human beings.”

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FilmNation CEO Glen Basner added in a statement: “we are thrilled to bring to market this inspiring true story about the positive impact, even in the darkest of moments, a strong leader can have on their constituents’ lives when they work from a place of compassion, love, and an unwavering conviction to do what is right.” 

Byrne, who will be playing the lead role of Ardern in the movie, recently played the voice-over part of Bea in Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway. Margot Robbie and James Corden also had leading voiceover roles in the blockbuster which will be released today.

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