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Russell Brand unwisely shares “irresponsible” COVID safety advice

Oh Russell Brand, how did we get here? From his whirlwind marriage with Katy Perry to Forgetting Sarah Marshall to now offering unwise advice on avoiding COVID-19 safety measures, there’s never a quiet moment with the English comedian.

As per, Brand shared tips on how people could avoid COVID safety rules so they could attend his stand-up tour (ticket sales must have been lagging). Brand’s ‘The 33’ tour is currently taking place across the U.K..

“This should address the concerns we’ve seen expressed,” he wrote before writing: NO venue requires you to be double vaccinated; Most venues do not ask for any certification. Some require proof of a negative test; If you have tickets to a venue that requires a PCR test and do not want to take one, please email and we will swap your tickets for venues that have no requirements for entry.

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Unsurprisingly, a wave of criticism ensued, with many calling Brand “irresponsible” for his post. With the U.K. recording a seven-day average of more than 31,000 daily COVID cases this week, it was certainly unwise.

With his long scraggly hair and faux-philosophical eloquence, there’s always been a suspicion that Brand fancies himself as a bit of a Jesus figure which a lot of people are clocking onto. “I’m going to unfollow now,” one Twitter user wrote. “It’s feeling like RB is getting a cult leader complex. Encouraging pandemic anti-vaxxers is a line in the sand for me.” “This is a weird position to take,” said another. “Pretty irresponsible not to encourage at least testing before large gatherings,” another comment read among thousands.”

Peter and Paul’s still remained though, backing Brand for his stance. “Well done Russell, someone with some sense is appreciated,” wrote a fan. “Thank you for being a supporter of freedom and personal choice!,’ another added. “So happy that someone amazing like you exist (sic) in this life,” someone else added.

In other news, Melbourne remains in its sixth lockdown after recording 500+ covid cases yesterday. No super spreader events like a Russell Brand gig for this city.

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Watch Russell Brand’s take on coronavirus: