When you’re arguably the biggest Australian TV show of all time and your time is coming to an end, you’d expect some fanfare. That’s why Neighbours legend Ryan Moloney was so bothered at the Logie Awards’ limited acknowledgement of the show’s end.

While appearing on 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin breakfast show, the actor, who has played “Toadie” since 1995, really didn’t hold back, ranting about the treatment he and his co-stars received on Sunday night.

“We turned up, and we did our mandatory three-hour talking to people on the red carpet… When we got in the room we ended up being split up and stuck on two different tables, it was horrible!” Moloney recalled.

“Our table was actually even stuck behind the cameras, we couldn’t even see the stage… So we figured we weren’t going to get a gig then.” The actor was also dismayed by the footage of Neighbours that was shown during the ceremony, calling it “incredibly disappointing.”

Moloney wasn’t done there – he also blasted the decision to have new stars Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Daniel MacPherson represent the cast on stage instead of some of its veteran actors.

“Daniel and Nat are just absolutely gorgeous people and absolutely nothing against them, but we’ve got people who have been on TV for nearly 30 years each, and I think probably the least they could do is get us to say something … I mean we’re in the bloody Hall of Fame, that’s not how you treat a show that’s in the Hall of Fame. I mean good luck to the Logies really,” he rued.

Clearly on a roll, Moloney also mentioned the In Memoriam section. “If it’s any indication, the In Memoriam section … I mean half the people in that have worked on Neighbours … They got a better guernsey than we did,” he added. It wasn’t all bad news though, with Moloney revealing that the cast of rival soap Home and Away offered sympathy after the ceremony.

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The decision to axe Neighbours was sensationally made earlier this year, despite a huge number of people still watching it in the U.K.. The soap’s finale is expected to arrive in August with special appearances from the likes of Kylie Minogue.

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