Ryan Reynolds finally posted a message to his Instagram after his response to a fan letter praising his Deadpool character was never mailed.  Only took five years.

We’ve all used the excuse that our letters “must have got lost in the mail,” and when it comes to celebrity superfans, you can imagine this response being dished out more than once.

A fan called out “Mr Deadpool” for a class assignment, highlighting the “laugh my ass off movie” that they were grateful “wasn’t toned down by the producers.” Naturally, they sent a letter to Mr Reynolds expressing this, as Comic Book reports.

As a real time capsule, the third paragraph of the letter states that “I’m genuinely hoping that Fox and Marvel make a second movie for you, and not a crappy second movie, like most sequels are.” Well, we got that second movie, and now a third installment is in the works, thanks to Disney acquiring Marvel/Fox.

However, it seems that Ryan Reynolds genuinely forgot to post a letter of reply to a fan who praised his Deadpool character. Reynolds posted a carbon copy of the letter to Instagram by way of apology.

The fan also requested advice on being “more badass” and also reached out to sit down, have a beer, and discuss the “Francis’s” in life, the latter being the villain in the first movie.

Proving he is just as much of a hero in real life as he is on screen, Reynolds responded.

“Five years later, I’m still in awe of Deadpool fans,” Reynolds wrote. “Hunter wrote me this letter after Deadpool came out and somehow my response never got mailed. Holds up. Mostly.”

We wouldn’t expect anything less than a tongue-in-cheek response from the actor, who recently teased a Deadpool 3 idea to have a road trip with the masked hero and Logan/Wolverine from the X-Men franchise.

“Honestly, I’m not sure I’m bad*** or English paper worthy, but I’ll give you the best advice I ever got: commit to one thing. For me, it’s acting. No messing around with random business ventures like other celebs. I have a tiny investment in an upcoming music festival that should be “Fyre” and an amazing blood company called Thanos but other than that, acting and I are like Tom Brady and the New England: together forever.”

Finally, Reynolds declined getting a beer in the immediate future, but ever so politely.

“I love to get together for a beer with you. Beer’s my favorite and the only alcohol for me. But it looks like I’ll be busy for the foreseeable future. Blake is pregnant with our second (and last) child. But, when Deadpool three comes out in 2020, I should be able to spend some time with the fans up close and personal. Handshakes and hugs are always better than letters or even dabbing. LOL. Until then, let’s stay connected on Vine!”

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