Health experts have issued a warning to parents over the salt levels found in meals aimed towards kids. According to a new report by the George Institute for Global Health, some fast food meals contain more than a day’s recommended salt intake. This newfound evidence might explain why I’ve been such a salty bitch since birth.

The report analysed the salt content in kids meals at Maccas, Hungry Jack’s, Subway and KFC. The report states that nuggets and fries were the main culprits behind the salt overload. Check out the ranking of the five children’s meals with the highest salt levels below:


Unfortunately for us all, the main culprits behind our bodies rising saline levels are nuggets and fries. So in conclusion, there’s nothing we can do. I can’t even fathom a world where underslept and overstressed parents have to attempt to explain to their children that they can’t have chicken nuggets because they contain too much salt. I don’t want to be exposed to any tantrums. I like the way things are. Let them eat salt!

One of the key central takeaways from the report was the significant difference in salt levels between the same item in Australia and other countries. Below is a table comparing the levels of salt found in Australian meals and UK meals.

salt fast food

Clare Farrand, lead author of the report has cited that there is a need for more regulation in Australia. “It is unacceptable that some children’s meals in Australia are significantly saltier than similar meals purchased in the UK,” Ms Farrand shared. “We know that some companies are doing better than others — all of the Subway kids’ meals meet the UK targets (of less than 1.8g of salt per kids meal) — but clearly more needs to be done to reduce the salt content across the board.”

Call me ignorant but I’d rather all my arteries clog up before I compromise on the amount of salt on my chips.

In case you missed it, last month Maccas announced the triumphant return of their beloved Spicy McChicken, read all about it now.

All statistics taken from the George Institute for Global Health report.

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