In yet another completely normal day in the U.S., hundreds of Americans have taken to the New York City streets, chanting “Save Australia!” and waving Australian flags to protest lockdown restrictions Down Under. 

Just when you didn’t think 2021 could get any stranger, here come some more marching Americans. In an effort to oppose mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for teachers over there (which came into effect this week), they ‘cleverly’ decided to weaponise the current situation in Australia.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge before arriving at the Australian consulate, they chanted things like “freedom” and “we will not comply”; banners displayed messages of support for Melbourne and Sydney. Speeches were then held in support of Australia.

“What’s going on in Australia is not just going to be Australia. And when it shows up on our doorsteps, we’re gonna punch it right in the f***ing teeth,” one speaker shouted. “We’re holding the line for Australia, we support Australia!” said another.

I can’t emphasise how surreal this is. It’s like when an angry mob would get angry over the smallest little thing in The Simpsons.

Living in Melbourne, I’ve officially been in lockdown longer than the majority of the world. I’ve longed to get out for weeks now; I can’t wait to go back to pubs and gigs. What I didn’t need, though, was a futile and embarrassing march of solidarity from a bunch of Americans. I bet a large number of the U.S. marchers’ Aussie knowledge extends to Steve Irwin and the Sydney Opera House.

The only purpose it’s served is to make Aussies bloody bemused. The hashtag #SaveAustralia sprung up and has overtaken Twitter and it’s a genuine goldmine. So without much further ado, please sit back and enjoy the best Twitter reactions to the American march.

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