This. Just. In. The motel from Schitt’s Creek is actually up for sale. And it could be yours. If you’ve got the cash to splash, that is.

As per the listing description, the motel (known as the Hockley Motel in real life), besides boasting regular TV features aka your own claim to fame, also has ten rooms, 6.7 acres of land, river access (where fishing for rainbow trout and salmon can be done), as well as a two-storey manager’s suite and seperate cottage.

As per Pedestrian.TV, the motel location is also featured in the TV show, Umbrella Academy as well as the movie, A History of Violence.

The description also reads, “The Property is currently not operational and a new owner has the ability to create something special on the Site, capitalizing on new travel trends following COVID-19, It is anticipated travelers will be valuing safety and cleanliness as well as unique experiences to enjoy nature and the outdoors.”

“A capital infusion in the guest rooms along with innovative technology for “contactless” check-in and other mobile applications to enhance the overall guest experience in a more personalized yet safe way. Other features could include adding an outdoor fire pit, picnic tables and other seating for guests to congregate while enjoying the scenery.”

The site is also noted as being an “easily accessible escape” from downtown Toronto, being just 1.5 hours from the big smoke, as well as being nearby many own cities including Barrie, Collingwood and Guelph, to name a few.

According to Deadlinethe Hockley Motel primary function wasn’t always being a mainstay in the film industry, but was once also used as housing for Canadian basketball recruits.

And then in 2014, when Schitt’s Creek burst onto the scene, it was given a new purpose.

Whoever ends up purchasing the property for its listed price of $1.6 million USD is just going to have to get used to the hoards of fans who still take selfies at the motel today.

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