A climber who calls themselves ‘Pro-Life Spider-Man’ has just been arrested for climbing the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco.

A climber was spotted scaling Salesforce Tower in San Francisco today and says it was done to protest abortions. The climber is self-dubbed the ‘Pro-Life Spider-Man’ despite having none of the abilities or charisma of Spider-Man himself. It is also interesting that he chose Spider-Man as his mascot, seeing as how in comic book canon Spider-Man is actually pro-choice and once teamed up with Planned Parenthood in 1976.

This is not the first time the climber has pulled a stunt like this, as the anti-abortion man also climbed the Aria Hotel in the past to protest Covid-19 mandates.

“Walking to get coffee in San Francisco and this dude is just climbing a building”

#BreakingNews | The person climbing #Salesforce tower is posting on Instagram as he climbs. His name is Maison Des Champs. He’s a rock climber who calls himself: “Pro-life Spider-Man.””

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The climber posted this message to their Instagram story along with a video near the top of the building. The name of the doctor has been changed to protect their privacy.

“Dr. Joe Shmaloney is an abortionist from Washington DC. Over a month ago pro-life activists with help from a whistleblower obtained the bodies of 5 murdered babies that had come out of Dr. Shmaloney’s clinic. These babies were murdered during late-term abortion and it is believed that some even survived their abortions and were left to die. Dr. Joe Shmaloney is not in jail and there is currently no investigation. The recovered bodies were not examined but instead discarded as medical waste. Dr. Joe Shmaloney needs to be held accountable. The goal of this peaceful mission is to spread the word and get Dr. Shmaloney put in jail. The mission is simple: destroy what is evil and protect what is innocent. The aim of this project is not to blame women but instead to support them.”

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