References are incredibly important when it comes to job interviews. Obviously, most hiring managers would want to determine the suitability of a prospective candidate. A lot of resumes get binned and for good reason; you aren’t going to take an electrician and suddenly make them editor of a beauty magazine.

You also probably wouldn’t take a reporter whose sole job previously was to rile up the masses with threats like ‘Gay Muslim Hurricanes are coming to destroy America’ and give her a job interviewing Hollywood’s elite. But NBC did with Megyn Kelly!

Previously a reporter and anchor for Fox News, Kelly recently signed a $17 million contract with NBC to host a daytime talk show interviewing celebrities. Her first week was a total trainwreck.

When interviewing the cast of Will & Grace, she insulted a lot of people by insinuating that people choose to be gay.

Things didn’t get much better when Jane Fonda was on the show, doing promo for her upcoming movie ‘Our Souls At Night’. Before getting into it, we want to make abundantly clear that we believe that literally anyone else could’ve done better in the situation. Even you. Which is why I’m throwing this quasi-Choose Your Own Adventure style question below:

You are a TV host responsible for talking simple shit to celebrities. Jane Fonda is on your show promoting her new movie. Do you:

a) Ask her about the movie

b) Ask her what she’s been up to and what her future projects are

c) Go in like an investigative journalist pitbull and repeatedly quiz her about her plastic surgery

Check out the awkwardness that entails when Megyn chooses option C:

We were sweating when we first saw that it was so fucking uncomfortable.

Rig regales this to Gus to see if Megyn Kelly can win her first Trainwreck Trophy from her first nomination at 7m40s: