You gotta give people points for trying. But by the same token, you should probably also take away points for idiocy.

Rapper Lil’ Yachty (not to be confused with rapper Lil’ Dinghy) copped a rinsing online due to a bizarre line from his song “Peek A Boo”. In the the ditty, he proclaims that “my new bitch yellow/she blow that dick like a cello”. It’s ironic that any kind of musician, either in the rap landscape or otherwise, wouldn’t know that a cello is famously a stringed instrument that does not require blowing to play.

Admiringly, Lil’ Yachty tried to get on the front foot with fans, by describing the thoughts and reasoning behind his music on lyric annotation site In one of the funniest online interactions this year, Yachty explains that no one from his team flagged the fact that a cello doesn’t need to be blown. But he apparently learned the error of his ways, telling fans that he thought the cello was part of the woodwind family. This stemmed from Yachty’s incorrect assumption that Squidward – a character from children’s show SpongeBob SquarePants – played the cello. He apologised, because he realised Squidward played the flute.

Online fans were quick to deliciously point out that Squidward actually plays the clarinet.

Ahh Lil’ Yachty, you may not be a gift to music, but you are a gift to Shitshow.