Jack Ryan is a name synonymous with drama and intrigue, thanks to the fictional spy in a number of Tom Clancy novels and associated films. But every covert operation that the made up Ryan has undertaken pales in comparison to the one that real life US politician Jack Ryan has engaged in.

Imagine date night with your smoking hot wife. Now imagine what she is expecting: dinner at a fancy restaurant, maybe a bit of dancing, watching a band. Y’know, the classics.

Know what she’s probably not expecting? Walking into a hardcore sex club and expecting to go hammer and tongs in front of a bunch of bizarre gimps. Especially if you’ve tried it on three times. But that’s exactly what Jack Ryan did with his wife, actress Jeri Ryan, according to their divorce papers which became part of public domain recently.

He maintains it’s not legit but it sounds like the sort of underground Illuminati-type shit you’d expect from an American politician.

We’d probably just stick taking the missus to the movies.