It was going to take a film of epic awfulness to topple Cats but it seems like the Sia-directed film Music may have done it.

There was a lot of buzz ahead of the release Sia’s film Music, most of it revolving around the pop star casting her neurotypical pal Maddie Ziegler as the movie’s autistic lead and subsequently defending the decision.

Sia ultimately apologised to the autism community for Music but there’s one big question that remains: Is the film any, you know, good?

Well if the numbers are to be believed, Sia may not be too pleased with how Music turned out because it’s being considered even worse than the critically-panned Cats.

According to the average score from critics on the popular film review site Rotten TomatoesMusic is currently sitting at a mere 16% at the time of writing, which isn’t very good to say the least when you consider that the benchmark for a film to be considered “fresh” is about 60%.

By comparison, the wild fustercluck that was Cats is sitting pretty at a shimmering 20% by comparison. Who would’ve thought there would be a high profile film that would cop a lower score than Cats in such a short amount of time?

And it’s not just Rotten Tomatoes either as the picture painted on popular review aggregate site Metacritic is even more unsavoury.

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Whereas Rotten Tomatoes counts reviews 60% and above to be “fresh”, Metacritic‘s methodology is simpler and involves averaging all the critic scores to get one final number. So what’s Music’s final Metacritic score compared to Cats‘?

Well Cats got a pretty unflattering score of 32 but that’s nothing compared to the 25 Music copped. Ouch.

But hey, opinions on films are all subjective and there are people out there who may really love Music and/or Cats so let’s not put too much stock into these critics scores.

And besides, something must be going alright for Music considering it managed to land two Golden Globes nominations, one of which is for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. Make of that what you will I suppose.

Check out the trailer for Sia’s Music:

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