Look, in a consumer-driven world that’s saturated with new offerings on the reg, it can be hard to get eyes on your exciting new product, ya know? Cue Tony Hawk, who released 100 skateboards containing his own blood in a marketing move that has seemed to work bloody well, considering they all sold out overnight.

The boards were created in a collab with water company Liquid Death and Hawk’s blood was mixed in with the red paint that was used on the boards.

“Yes, there is actually @tonyhawk’s real blood in these skateboards. And yes, we sterilized it first. Own your very own piece of the Birdman today,” reads a social media post from Liquid Death. “Disclaimer: Although it could arguably make the world a better place, never ever use these boards to make clones of Tony Hawk.”

The post was accompanied by a video of the pro skateboarder having blood drawn from his veins. The video featured Hawk holding a can of Liquid Death, because what’s the point in collabing with the GOAT skater, without an appropriate product placement?

Hawk also spruced the boards on his own Instagram page. “Always read the fine print! Thanks @liquiddeath for this rare opportunity but please be careful with my life force. Looking forward to our future “collaborations” as long as they don’t involve replicants,” he posted.

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The boards are called Hawk Blood Deck and were sold for $500 each (approx AUD $688). Liquid Death has said that 10% of the profits will go to charities 5Gyres and Skatepark Project. The bright red skateboards feature an image of the company’s “Thirst Executioner” holding a hawk skull.

It looks as though Hawk may have taken a page out of Lil Nas X’s book, who found himself in hot water – but publicity heaven – when he launched his Satan Shoes containing a drop of the rapper’s blood.

Of course, not one to ever miss a publicity opportunity, Lil Nas X has thrown his two cents in about Hawk’s blood boards.

“Now that tony hawk has released skateboards with his blood painted on them, and there was no public outrage, are y’all ready to admit y’all were never actually upset over the blood in the shoes? and maybe u were mad for some other reason?,” he wrote on Twitter.

Watch the promotional video showing Tony Hawk’s blood being drawn and mixed into board paint here: