Fans of Diablo IV who are trying to play the early beta and are looking to KFC are expressing disappointment with the promotion.

Blizzard fans are buzzing with excitement and surprise over the Diablo IV beta. However, other than pre-ordering the game, the only way to attain a beta key is by ordering KFC. With the beta kicking off on March 17, fans are flocking to the game’s subreddit to express their reactions to the KFC promotion.

Some fans are ordering KFC simply for the beta code, with no intention of eating the chicken sandwich, while others are protesting the promotion altogether. The promotion has even sparked a debate on Reddit about the necessity of ordering a chicken sandwich to access the beta.

One user took to Reddit to express their frustration, posting an “anti-vegan beta key” post, questioning why the only way to access the Diablo 4 beta is to “order a dead chicken from KFC.” Another user, MahiMatt, who ordered the chicken sandwich for the promotion, asked whether they needed to pick up the sandwich to get the code.

While some fans are excited to get their hands on the beta code, others find the promotion absurd, with one user referring to it as a “dystopian nightmare.”

The beta code is available to anyone in the United States who orders a Double Down sandwich or other valid options, though a vegan or vegetarian meal is absent from the list. This has also caused some controversy on social media, with some fans criticizing the promotion for excluding those with dietary restrictions.

However, it’s important to note that the promotion is not the only way to access the Diablo 4 beta. The game can still be pre-ordered, which grants access to the beta as well. The beta itself is scheduled to run from March 17-19 for those with early access, and from March 24-26 for the general public.

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Despite the controversy, the promotion has undoubtedly generated buzz for both KFC and Diablo 4. It will be interesting to see whether other video game companies follow suit and team up with fast-food chains for exclusive promotions.

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