1.Your Profile

We are old-fashioned traditionalists, and have to say we loved the world when female bands ruled the airwaves in the ’90s – think Hole, PJ Harvey, The Breeders – but like to think we have kept up with the times and love Courtney Barnett. We’re happy for potential fans to love EDM and all that it offers to music fans, but it is important that they have an understanding of – or open mind to – a musical project that has two guitars, bass and drums, and that you can call it a guitar band and play indie rock, or in our case ‘indie rock grunge twang’.

2. Keeping Busy

We’ve been listening to mastered tracks and trying to decide on the album track order. It was harder than we thought. We’re working closely with the team at The A&R Department to prepare for the album release. We’re also building our audience on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, and played a couple of shows without Sydney guitarist Trace while she was travelling in the USA and catching up with the infamous radio Rodney Bingenheimer. Rodney has provided the band with ongoing support and airplay on LA’s KROQ and especially through his weekly show Rodney On The Roq.

3. Best Gig Ever

Individually we have played some pretty big festivals in previous bands. It’s just over a year since The Goldhearts’ first live show so each show is building, as is our performance. The last Sydney show in December at Chicks With Picks at the Townie in Newtown went off. There was a big crowd and they were super supportive. It felt comfortable onstage and just felt awesome. Much of the set will be included in our show this Saturday at the Tit, plus more. We want to get down here more often.

4.Current Playlist

After having the Courtney Barnett album on high rotation at my place for the past 12 months, it’s time to listen to some new stuff. I’m enjoying the new Ladyhawke album.

5.Your Ultimate Rider

This early in The Goldhearts’ career, the rider usually consists of a couple of drink tix, if you are lucky. Our ultimate rider would include champagne, quality red, cocktails, and a tasty antipasto platter (like the one we once witnessed playing with the Stone Roses at Brisbane’s Festival Hall). A massage would be great!

The Goldhearts’The Rise And Fall Of The Goldhearts is out Friday May 27 independently. Get along to The Bearded Tit, where they play on Saturday May 28.

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