There’s no getting around it, Sonos speakers are expensive. But the big question is, are they worth it?

I have been living with two Sonos systems in my house now for three months now and to blow the whole punchline of the review: I will never go back to a non Sonos life again. They are absolutely worth the price tag.

The systems in my home are as follows:

  1. TV Surround System: Immersive Set with Arc
  2. Family Room System: 2x Sonos Fives

Setting up Sonos

I’ve tried many different surround sound set ups at my house. The Sonos set up is by far the easiest wireless surround-sound systems to set up.

All that is required is to place the sound bar in front of the TV, the sub next to it, and the Sonos One smart speakers to the left and right of your couch. Then, all you need to do is open up the Sonos app, follow the instructions while the software does the rest.

Incredibly user friendly.

Play music at the touch of a button (a feature that can’t be overstated)

The first thing I noticed when listening to music on my Family Room System is how easy it is connect and play music. This might sound trivial and weird thing to bring up in a review, but think about how annoying Bluetooth technology usually is.

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  1. You need to physically walk to your speaker and turn it on.
  2. Pray it connects right away.
  3. Hope to God that no other device is connected and your one is the other one it’s talking to, otherwise your music will forever be cutting in and out.

All three things happening on a Bluetooth speaker is a rarity in my house, meaning that to actually play music successfully is a lengthy process. However, with Sonos, the whole system works over Wi-Fi. I simply start playing a song on my iPhone then select “living room” from the control centre on my phone and BOOM – music immediately starts playing from the system.

After a month of having the Sonos speakers, my wife and I noticed we were playing a lot more music in the house. We never realised how big a barrier to playing music via a Bluetooth system was before having Sonos. When it’s so easy and reliable to play music, you listen to it a lot more often.

To me, this is the most underrated feature of any Sonos speaker.

See how easy it is to play music straight from Spotify with Sonos:

The sound

It’s easy to claim that Sonos hardware is too expensive, but I would reserve all your judgement until you actually listen to them.

I have been in the music business for over a decade and recently started joking that Sonos made me remember that I actually like music.

The sound is absolutely incredible; there’s detail and clarity in every instrument – totally unlike any consumer sound system I’ve ever heard. The music quite simply captures your soul as it fills the room, I can’t overstate this enough.

Although our Family Room setup does not have Sub (and quite honestly it doesn’t need one), I will buy one – I’m addicted now and want to have it all.

The Sonos App

I read a number of reviews where people complain about the Sonos App. Quite simply, I don’t understand why.

Perhaps it was once a frustrating experience, but ever since I’ve had the system, the app is not only non-compulsory to use (many reviews say the only way to listen to the system is via the app – that is not true) but when I do decide to use the app, it’s a pleasure.

I’ve also enjoyed listening to Sonos Radio Jazz stations – a nice touch for when the mood strikes.

The Verdict?

Are Sonos speakers worth the price difference?

My answer is absolutely. However, you unfortunately won’t be able to agree with me until you commit and buy them yourselves.

You’ll never quite understand the full experience testing them at a store or listening to them at a party. You need to immerse yourself in your own home, with your own music.

My two word review? Highly recommended.

Check out the Sonos Arc:

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