Forget the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Soulja Boy is making a video game console designed to rival them both. No, seriously.

Still desperately trying to snag a PlayStation 5? Forget about it, friends, because Soulja Boy is here to solve your woes. Despite a failed first attempt in 2018, the rapper, known for his song Crank That (Soulja Boy), is trying to make a new video game console that everybody can get their hands on.

The new system looks surprisingly close to the new Xbox Series S, with a small rectangular shape and white finish. According to one of the star’s recent tweets, his SouljaGame company is building the new console from scratch with an all new design. He also promises new games and deals that will ‘make history.’ Colour us a little sceptical, mate. Especially considering it looks like he chucked a PS2 controller on the top of the unit. Take a look below.

It’s still unclear as to when exactly the system will release or even how much it will cost. According to rumblings, however, Soulja Boy has tried to request help from none other than Tony Hawk for a new video game idea. So that’s… something?

But let’s back up a bit. In 2018, Soulja Boy announced the SouljaGame – a fresh line-up of console and handheld devices. Only problem was, people quickly started to realise that the celebrity was simply rebranding emulated systems.

Needless to say, a barrage of bad press and potential legal woes from Nintendo saw SouljaGame 1.0 canned a month after its debut. Soulja Boy claims that he managed to sell a cool five million units at that time, but let us be clear here, nobody really believes him.

Will this new console fare any better? Honestly, probably not, but hey if KFC can do it then anything is possible. That said, we still wholeheartedly suggest you let this one play out from afar.

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